Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Board stacking unit of plasterboard plants

Board staking unit of plasterboard plants

MMM ERBA Makina supplies equipment and “turn-key” production lines to produce plasterboard. Above video shows board stacking unit during a test-production of a plant, which was designed and supplied by us.

For more information, we kindly request you to contact to us email – can@mmmerba.com.tr

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Dry mix mortar application

by MMM ERBA Makina A.Ş.
dry mix mortar plants
Dry mix mortars are used in many different applications in the construction of a building. Some of these applications are universal and some others are specific to certain regions or countries. The key dry mix applications are:
a. Cement based tile adhesives b. Renders and plasters based on gypsum or cement
c. External thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS)
d. Tile grouts
e. Self leveling underlayments and screeds
f. Repair mortars
g. Brick-laying masonry mortars
h. Cementitious water proofing
 for information you, please contact to us - can@mmmerba.com.tr

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Powder Defoamer

Powder defoamers are used in a lot of dry mix mortar formulations. These are for example systems based on cement, gypsum, limestone and redispersible polymer powders (leveling compounds, screeds, tile adhesives, joint fillers, powder paints, plasters, repair mortars).




Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dry Mix Mortar Additives


Excessive shrinkage of cement and the resulting crack formation is one of the most severe problems in the field of cement based construction materials. The cracks do have negative influence on several properties of the applied material, such as visual appearance, usability and durability.