Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dry mortar products


Capacity: from 0.5 to 200 tons per hour

Dry Mortar Production Technology

Dry Mortar is a mixture of main materials like cement, gypsum, silica sand and chemicals.

Dry Mortar production factory provides carefully weighing, mixing and packing of this mixture in bags.

In our modern world, cutting the cost of construction, finishing construction works in a short time and increasing the quality are the main goals of every building contractor. Due to this reason, dry mixed products become widely demanded construction material.

Our company, ERBA, added Dry Mortar production factories to its range of products and services, which are provided with great success thanks to its experience and R&D studies in designing and manufacturing Plasterboard and Gypsum powder production factories.

The capacity of dry mortar production factory of MMM ERBA is decided as per our clients’ demands and the final factory design is completed as based on this decision.

Main products of dry mortar production factories:
Dry masonry mortar, Plastering mortar, Thermal mortar, Anti-crack mortar,
Decorative mortar, and etc.

Units of dry mortar production factory
- Vertical transport unit
- Premix storage silos
- Weighing bin
- Mixing unit
- Packer bin
- Packing unit

Design Standarts:
Equipment and units are designed and manufactured in compliance with EC safety regulations, such as;
98/37 EC Machinery Directive
73/23 EEC Low Voltage Directive
89/336 EEC Electromagnetic Compatibility.

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