Saturday, January 30, 2016

Dry Mortar


Capacity: from 0.5 tn/hr to 200 tn/hr.

MMM ERBA Makina JSC, having been active in the field of designing and manfuacturing factories and machinery for the production of Dry Mortar, offers turn-key factories strongly according to your needs.

Dry Mortar is a mixture of main materials like cement, gypsum, silica sand and chemicals. Dry Mortar production factory provides carefully weighing, mixing and of this mixture in bags. In our modern world, cutting the cost of construction, finishing construction works in a short time and increasing the quality are the main goals of every building contractor. Due to this reason, dry mixed products become widely demanded construction material.

Production factories with such equipment and economical production receipts, provides possibility to get under control the factors which affects cost of produced materials.

These factors are
1.) Raw material; usage of optimum amount of raw materials thanks to economical production receipts and keeping raw material loss during production process in minimum levels,
2.) Manpower; designing the factory with an full automatic control and command system, equipped with European made components, that uses minimum amount of manpower,
3.) Energy; keeping energy usage level in minimum level,
4.) Shutdown of plant due to faults; preventing shutdown of factory for long time period due to fault of equipments (factories built by ERBA are shut down due to faults for 4 - 10 hours in a year).

Besides building turn-key factories, ERBA provides consulting services to companies in the sector. Along with quotation for a turnkey factory, we are providing investment analysis report, prepared by using data provided by customers.

We also provide service to overhaul and rebuilt the existing factories with modern technology that will decrease production cost. If you are planning to build a factory for the production of plasterboard, gypsum or dry mortar, or if you are planning to overhaul or rebuilt your existing factory, then we would be pleased to share our professional experience with you and provide top-level engineering services to you. 

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